What is ATEF?

The ATEF Group specialises in the manufacture of high-quality HV/ MV electrical equipment and turn-key substation installation for industrial, utility, transportation and energy sector customers.

Headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan, the company exports its electrical infrastructure expertise and product range, including transformers, reactors, switchgears, CTS and components, to 35 countries worldwide.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the electrical industry, the ATEF Group has grown from a single transformer plant in Baku to five manufacturing facilities that embrace the latest technology and production methods. The company is committed to working closely with both suppliers and customers to produce reliable products that exceed international quality standards and meet the changing needs of the global market.

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  • 1961

    Baku Transformer Plant (BTP) (based on a production of dry type transformers) Founded
  • 1992

    BTP restores production after the collapse of the USSR
  • 1996

    BTP begins succesful production of oil transformers
  • 1998

    BTP reconstructed to modernise production
  • 1999

    BTP receives ISO 9001 certification
  • 2001

    Building our new Transformer Plant
  • 2005

    Production at our new Transformer Plant begins
  • 2007

    Building our new Steel Construction Plant
  • 2010

    Building our new Large Power Transformer Plant
  • 2011

    Production at our new Steel Construction Plant begins
  • 2012

    Company transforms into the ATEF Group (ATEF)
  • 2014

    Production begins at our new Large Power Transformer Plant
  • 2015

    Building our new High Voltage Equipment Plant
  • 2016

    Building our new Transformer factory in Aktau, Kazakhstan

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What is ATEF?

The ATEF Group specialises in the manufacture of high-quality HV/ MV electrical equipment and turn-key substation installation for industrial, utility, transportation and energy sector customers. Headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan, the company exports its electrical infrastructure expertise and product range, including transformers, reactors, switchgears, CTS and components, to 35 countries worldwide.

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Termination kits
Al and mild steel casting

The overhead catenary wires consist of the overhead wire and span wire, hangers and electric connectors and clamp for different purposes.

МФ-100, МФ85-type overhead wire – the most crucial element of overhead catenary, contacting directly with the ЭПС collector bows in the process of current collection.

Ml20, ПБСМ-95-type span wire – catenary wire attached to the supporting devices of the overhead system.

4БСМ1, 6БСМ1 hanger – element of overhead catenary, by which one of its wires  – is suspended to the other – span wire.



A disconnector is a mechanical switch used to interchange an electric circuit without any current or with a current of negligible size that has an isolating distance in off position to ensure safety.

A disconnector consists of movable and fixed contacts mounted on isolators.

A disconnector has a mechanical lock to prevent the earthing from switching on when the disconnector is in the on position and the disconnector from switching on when the earthing is in the on position.

Disconnectors are also intended to section busbars and to switch current from one distributor busbar to another. Disconnectors may also be used to make and break transformer offload current and charging current, transformer load currents of low capacity, as well as to switch circuits under current if a closed shunt circuit is available.

M-95, M-120-type electrical connector – a part of wire with a conductive reinforcement metal designed to electrically connect the overhead system wires.

Steel construction

РЦ cantilever girders – of the overhead system are metal constructions (waist rails) that are installed on two structures. The cantilever girders of this type are suitable for placement of lighting fixtures, as well as the suspension of other wires, for example, feeding, earth lead and lighting.

(Structures) МКГtype metal vertical braces are intended for the use as the main carrier element as part of the intermediate, transitional and anchor terminal structures for mounting brackets, bracket arms and rigid cantilever girders on them. The bearing capacity of the vertical brace is more than 117 kNm, it helps to withstand high tension of wires, so they can be used in the anchor structures of the high-speed rail stations. Type of the vertical brace because of its execution consistently includes M – vertical brace material (metal), Г or Ш – type of the channel used (roll-formed), K or П – purpose (at the bracket arm or rigid cantilever girders).

 КИЛ bracket arm – supporting device, mounted on the structure, consisting of a bracket and rod, is attached to the structure.

Reinforcement metal of the overhead system – clamps and parts for the overhead catenary wire connections between them, with supporting devices and structures.


– Wall bushing type

– Indoor post insulators

Epoxy cast resin indoor post insulators can be used for all indoor applications. For tropical conditions same types (with special fixing parts) are available. They are suitable for temperatures from -25  up to +90 .

Circuit breakers

The product stability and life is greatly improved due to the solid insulation by applying molding to the interruption part.

– A core part of the interruption part, Ⅵ is molded and solid-insulated to improve the stability and life of the product.

– We are fully prepared for the surface discharge of vacuum circuit breaker by enhancing the insulation performance through the solid insulation.

Steel products

ATEF can produce any type of steel structury and components to National and International standarts.

The production includes:

– Over-head line towers.

– Electrical poles.

– Building metal structures.

– Profiles.

– Vacum and pressure tanks.

– Transformer tanks.

– Transformer corrugated walls.

– Transformer radiators.

– Any type of connection flanges.

– steel structures can be painted or hot-dip galvinized.


Furnance transformers are used to supply power to Arc-furnaces in steel industry. These transformers should be capable to supply hight currents and frequent switching operations . The transformers should stand multiple short-circuit currents during operation.ATEF cand produse Arc-furnace transformers at requested voltage ruting up to 250 mvA power.

Catenery systems


Catenery systems – is part of traction network for electrified rail transport of railways and represents a set of devices for the transmission of electricity from the traction substations to the railroad engine through the bow collectors. The basic elements in the overhead catenary are: overhead line, span wire, line feeder, etc.; structures: supporting and fixing devices; flexible and rigid cantilever girders (bracket arms, steady brace); insulators and reinforcement metal for various purposes.


Paper covered conductors
Copper and Aluminium bus bars

– Produced of raw materials.

– Cover the entire list of sizes.

– Can have heat shrink wrapper.

– They are used in switching equipment for the entire format of the voltage.

– Busbars of the mixed raw material (by addition of recycled material) can be used in other industries.

Overhead conductors

– Stranded aluminium wires with steel core of different brands and sections.

– Designed for all types of climatic conditions.

Transposed conductors (CTC)

– Designed for transformer production.

– All parallel wires are shifted (transposed) with a certain step depending on the diameter of the coils produced.

– Each wire has an enamel coating.

– Wire bundle can have … paper, fibre wrapper and so on.

Enammeled, rounded and flat conductors
Aluminium and copper wires

Cover the whole range of circular and rectangular cross-section, designed for different profiles of electrical equipment.

There are following types of wrapper:

– Fibreglass wrapper

– Enamel coating.

– Moisture- and heat-resistant wrapper.

– Mixed wrapper (enamel + paper).

– Special wrapper (on request).

Epoxy insulators
Polymer insulators

Polymer insulators are intended for isolation and fastening of wires and cables, supporting and insulating tension hangers, clamps, and other catenary AC devices of 27.5 kV voltage, frequency up to 100 Hz, and DC – 3,3 kV.

Measurement transformers

– Indoor voltage transformer

Type VK 12

Type VK 36

Single pole indoor voltage transformers

– Cast resin

– Up to 3 windings

– Large type

– Indoor current transformers

Type AB 12

Type AB 36

– Cast – resin

– Up to 3 cores *

– On request with capacitive layer

– On request with barrier (barrier height depends on customer requirements)

Current transformers
Epoxy insulated voltage transformers
Oil insulated voltage transformers
Traction transformers


Traction systems is used in railway electrification to feed the motors in motors.AC overhead voltage is step down to 2-3.3 kV with help at step down transformer and a rectier rectifies the AC voltage to DC voltage . The rectified DC voltage is used to operate DC motors in existing system engine.

ATEF can design and manufacture complete tractions systems and products and can melbe delivery an turn-key basis.


Low voltage electrical switchboards of АТЕФ РУ-1000В brand are intended for acquisition of low-voltage switchgears for 380/220 V voltage of three-phase alternating current of 50 Hz frequency with solidly grounded or insulated neutral and are used for the reception and distribution of electric energy, as well as the protection of outgoing feeders from overload and short-circuit currents.

Vacuum tanks
Pressurized tanks
Transformer tanks
Transformer radiators

The plant’s pride – a line of hot-dip galvanizing of the steel constructions allowing to produce a wide range of galvanized products, and having the following key features:

hot-dip galvanizing bath sizes: length 13.6m; width 1.0 m; depth 1.2 m;

zinc coating thicknesses from 40 to 350 microns, depending on the steel grade and size of the product;

High quality of zinc coating ensures the implementation of preparation of products surface before the galvanizing using modern equipment, under the technology of one of the leading European companies, including degreasing using surfactants, etching, rinsing and fluxing.

To protect the product during the transportation and storage, as well as to improve its appearance, at the request of the customer the finished hot-galvanized steel constructions can be coated with the protective passivation layer.

Control of the source raw materials, technological parameters and the quality of the finished product is carried out in a production laboratory completed with modern laboratory equipment.

This ensures high quality coating and the life of a hot dip galvanized products – more than 30 years.

Cable tranches
Boiler tank
Overhead towers

“ATEF Group of Companies” LLC started production of steel structures for electrical transmission lines (ETL), 10 kV – 500 kV, as well as the cell phone towers structures’ construction. Advanced technologies and modern equipment allow producing any type of the metal structures of high-voltage lines with a high level of quality.

For the production of ETL structures, company uses high-performance automated lines with CNC of FICEP (Italy) company, for the treatment of the angle bars, which carry out: marking; piercing (drilling); cut into the pieces’ size per single cycle.

In the collecting-welding areas, the compulsory three-dimensional and planar control collections of the structures are conducted to confirm guarantees of the constructions collection at the site. High accuracy of the mutual arrangement of the construction elements in the collection of ETL structures is provided by means of FICEP company equipment.

All type od steel assemblies

– 10(6) kV voltage switchgear of the АТЕФ brand series 63 intended for reception and distribution of AC electric power of the industrial frequency of 50 (60) Hz in the networks with neutral insulated or grounded through the arc suppression coil.

– 5 kV voltage switchgear are designed for electrified AC railroads.

– 3 kV voltage switchgear are designed for electrified AC railroads.

– 825 V voltage switchgear of DC are designed for subways

To connect the sections (in case of two-row version) the busbar bridge is used (a cable connection is also possible).

To feed the protection circuit and control, the installation of the ШПГ (no-break power cabinet) module of DC is provided in each section.

Voltage transformers

– Indoor Disconnectors of РВЗ type – 10/1000 with earthing switches (on request)

– Outdoor Disconnectors of РЛНД type – 10/1000 with earthing switches (on request)

– Indoor earthing connectors

Surge arrestors
Filter & Reactors
Rectifier transformers

Oil type and dry-type rectifier transformers at any system voltages are available in production line. Maksimum current rating is limited in 5000.

Railway SCADA system

Our solutions also cover traction substation control for railway applications. Not only does ATEF GROUP OF COMPANIES offer local traction substation control solutions, but also entire power dispatching centers.

Load Dispatch Center

Functions of State Load Dispatch Centers as per IEGC 2003.

1. The State Load Dispatch Centre shall be the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in a State.

2. The State Load Dispatch Centre shall:

– Be responsible for optimum scheduling and dispatch of electricity within a State, in accordance with the contracts entered into with the licensees or the generating companies operating in that State;

– Monitor grid operations;

– Keep accounts of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the State grid;

– Exercise supervision and control over the intra-State transmisssion system;

– Be responsible for carrying out real time operations for grid control and dispatch of electricity within the State through secure and economic operation of the State grid in accordance with the Grid Standards and the State Grid Code.

3. The State Load Dispatch Centre may levy and collect such free and charges from the generating companies and licensees engaged in intra-State transmission of electricity as may be specified by the State Commission.

S/S Automation


ATEF RTU panels are very robust, designed to work in harish environments, which contains processors, I/O modules, switches manufactured by leading western companies in the field – ABB, Brodersen, Schneider, Siemens, MOXA etc.

ATEF offers very ergonomic and flexible HMI solutions for the system. The client can directly be involved in HMI software engineering process to meet their special requests. All standards (IEC, ГОСТ, BS, ANSI etc.) for graphical visualization are supported in our products.

ATEF also provides technical trainig and consultation on SCADA to organizations of all sizes.

Complete SCADA system


We offer the latest communication protocols to tie system elements and HMI. IEC 61850 is most commonly used protocol in our projects for electrical substation automation and IEC 60870-5-101/104 andIEC 60870-5-103 protocols are used for remote control. In retrofitting projects any other protocols (MODBUS RTU-TCP/IP, DNP3 etc.) can be used on request. GOOSE is used for fast transfer of events between IED`s within substations.

Shunt reactors

Shunt reactors are inductive devices commonly used in HV and EHV systems for compensatiny the excess capacitive loads in networks. Production range includes variable shunt reactors up to 150 MVA and 525 kV system voltages.

Power transformers

Production includes the ranges from 5 MVA up to 800MVA andup to 525kV system voltage levels. Bell-type and conventional type of transformers are available at customer`s option. Special requirements, such as limitation on weight and dimensions, can be met depending on specificztions and requirements.

Dry-type transformers

Cast resin transformers rated 50kVA to 10000kVA up to 36kV level. Transformers can be equipped with cooling fans at option. Transformers can also be installed in kiosk including incoming and outgoing feeders and protection equipments.

Oil type distribution transformers

Oil type distribution transformers rated from 50kVA to 5000kVA and up to 36kV level tranformers can be made conservator type and hermetic type. Coding system is of Corrugated walls up to 1600kVA and radiator type above 1600 kVA ratings. Transformers are painted in standard applications however galvanized transformers are available for special applications.