Erection and Installation(E&I) - ATEF

ATEF - E&I is able to perform all kind of Erection and Installation works that has been developed by ATEF design Office. ATEF is also capable to carry out the installation works, which the projects have been developed by third party companies.

ATEF E&I offer competent and experienced technical personnel for Project execution at all phases. Our team has all necessary licenses and certificates for providing construction, installation and comissioning.

We offer high-class products and workmanship and guarantee that our highly qualified employees will provide best-in-class services either in execution, warranty or in after warranty period period

The areas we serve:

Industrial enterprises

Residential areas

Civil engineering

Construction. Manufacturing , Installation and Comissioning of Substations up to 525kV

Construction. Manufacturing , Installation and Comissioning of Power Lines up to 525kV

Construction. Manufacturing , Installation and Comissioning of Traction substation for Railway DC 3,3kV, AC 27,5kV

Construction. Manufacturing , Installation and Comissioning of catenary line 3,3kV, 27,5kV

Detail design and Engineering of SCADA and Telemetry systems

We have E&I organizations in following countries:

  • Azerbaijan - 280 employees
  • Georgia - 120 employees
  • Kazakhstan - 80 employees

Mechanization and Transport(M&T) - ATEF

ATEF - M&T is capable to handle heavy-duty transportation for domestic and international projects. We have all trucks and machinery for transportation, loading and unloading the project equipments.

We have special equipment and capacity to execute the complete railway electrification including catenary lines and electrical lines. This capability enables us to complete the projects in short time

We have M&T organizations in following countries:




Total of employees - 160

Total of transport units - 140

Total of heaving machinery - 8

Total of railway equipment - 20

Total of petrol stations - 4

Design and Engineering

We are capable to execute complex designs in line with customer requirement and also international standarts. Reliability and safety are the key elements in order to achieve most effective and reliable solutions.

Our experienced and well skilled engineering team can handle the most complex projects at every stages of the project execution. We prepare and offer the most optimized cost effective solutions to customers.

We provide full service support after sales operations. We can also offer service contracts at full-time basis in order to provide our customers continuous operations at their projects, premises and at their business

We can offer to our customers:

Basic and detail engineering for Substations

Detail engineering for Railway electrification and catenary systems

Complete engineering, manufacturing and comissioning of SCADA sysatems

Complete load dispatch and telemetry systems

Building Automation

Energy saving projects