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Railway Systems

The relay-based equipment of signalling systems, which became widespread in the last century, is still in operation on railway transport and subways of many countries of the world.

These devices are becoming obsolete, and some modules that are still in use have been discontinued. In this regard, the operation of these systems is becoming more and more difficult, reliability and safety are decreasing every year.

The new computer-based interlocking and block signalling systems have convincingly confirmed their high technical performance. At the same time, the complexity of safety proof procedures in the development and production of such systems leads to an increase in the cost of their life cycle. Operation and configuration correction with even minor changes in layouts, as a rule, require the participation of manufacturing companies and are expensive for the customer.

ATEF Group of Companies offers to your attention a set of signalling and train control systems RWSx4 ATEF, which, thanks to the flexibility and high level of automation of configuration and testing processes during production, provides a significant reduction in cost, production and configuration time, increased reliability while unconditionally meeting the stringent safety requirements adopted in railway transport.



The RWSx4 includes set of systems and components covering the entire range of signalling and train control functions in railway transport.

The complex includes the following systems:

- ILx4
An Interlocking System implemented on the basis of the HIMax platform, which provides control of critical application facilities with the most stringent requirements for functional safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

- LXx4
A Level Crossing Signalling System using the HIMatrix platform is a flexible solution for managing safety–related objects with built-in means of data exchange with remote systems via SafeEthernet channels with a SIL4 safety level.

- BSx4
Block Signalling System with the possibility of integration into the Interlocking system, or as a separate independent system.

- Ocx4
An Object Controllers System that combines equipment for contactless control of switch points, signals, detection of the occupancy of sections of the track and ALSN coding. OCx4 provides a digital interface with the Interlocking or Block signalling system.

- PSx4
Power Supply System – provides uninterrupted power supply to signaling systems and devices with built-in diagnostic and monitoring tools.

- LCx4
The Local Control System is designed for the organization of local management posts for shunting work at stations.

- TMx4
Traffic Management System with a high level of automation of dispatching control of train traffic on railway sections.

- DMx4
The Diagnostics and Monitoring System provides collection, analysis and archiving of diagnostic data of all systems and components included in the complex.

- MYx4
The Marshalling Yard Signalling System.


ATEF Special Engineering Division offers solutions for the complete control and management of substations at all levels (SCADA system).

At the request of the customer, each element can be integrated into the system.  We use the latest technology to make our system reliable and ergonomic. 

ATEF has enough experienced staff to design and manufacture SCADA systems and automation in accordance with customer specifications, communication and network standards.

·       SCADA systems for the transmission, distribution and production of the networks electricity
·       Substation automation systems
·       Automation and SCADA systems for electricity metering 
·       Railroad SCADA systems
·       Dispatch centers 
·       Process automation systems

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