Our products and services conform to the highest quality standards. We deliver services and products conforming to our strict quality standards. All services are performed following or exceeding all current rules and regulations for the protection of health, safety and environment. We perform work to the highest quality standards and comply with Worldwide regulatory requirements, company operating procedures and testing methods.


Up to 5000 kVA and 36 kV level

Up to 10,000 kVA and 36 kV level

Up to 800 MVA and 525 kV level

Up to 150 MVAR , 525 kV level

Steel products

Custom made , galvinized or painted

Painted or Galvinizing

Railway Products

Complete catener consoles

Overhead line towers , consoles ,supports,fixing products

Contact wires (MF) , support wires (M)

High Voltage Products

Motor or manual operated, up to 132 kV

Oil insulated, up to 230kV, class 0.2-1.0

Compensation systems and shock coils & filters, up to 132 kV level

Polymer Insulators

Up to 132 kV level

up to 132 kV

Medium Voltage Products

Metal Clad or Metal enclosed Cubicles

Vacuum type switchgears up to 36 kV

Motor or manual operated, up to 36 kV

Low Voltage Products

Instrument Measurement Transformers

Up to 36 kV

Epoxy, oil and paper insolated


Complete with flags up to 132 kV

Up to 36 kV




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