The Founder 

The ATEF Group has a proud history in the manufacture and installation of electrical equipment to support the energy industry. From our first transformer plant in Baku – founded more than 50 years ago – to the company’s redevelopment following the collapse of the Soviet Union, we’ve made quality and reliability central to the way we do business.

Driven to meet the highest energy industry standards, ATEF has invested in new research and development facilities, as well as the latest manufacturing technology, across our five regional plants. Our significant growth over the years is a testament to the company’s understanding of the changing global energy market, commitment to innovation and focus on building strong relationships with our valued customers and suppliers. From consistently improving our technological processes to ensuring that our highly trained staff stay up to date on the latest industry advancements, maintaining quality and providing reliability for our customers is behind everything we do.

We invite you to join the hundreds of companies around the world who have already chosen ATEF to meet their electrical equipment and installation needs and look forward to demonstrating our expertise.

Thank you, Alikhanbayov T.H.

About ATEF Group of Companies

The ATEF Group consists of four facilities: ATEF Transformer Plant, ATEF Electromash Plant, Metal Construction Plant and Large Power Transformer Plant, which specifically includes project organisation, management of mechanisation and transport, the engineering office and construction and mounting management. The ATEF Group specialises in the manufacture of high-quality HV/MV electrical equipment and turnkey substation installation for industrial, utility, transportation and energy sector customers.

Headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan, the company exports its electrical infrastructure expertise and product range, including transformers, reactors, switchgears, CTS and components, to 35 countries worldwide. With more than 50 years’ experience in the electrical industry, the ATEF Group has grown from a single transformer plant in Baku to an industrial manufacturing facility with four plants, and numerous divisions, that embrace the latest technology and production methods.

Unlike other companies, ATEF predominately focuses on delivering turnkey solutions and is able to use its own products at each stage of a project. This allows customers to work with a single supplier – from design and production to mounting and installation – providing a competitive advantage and reducing overall costs. The company is committed to working closely with both suppliers and customers to produce reliable products that exceed international quality standards and meet the changing needs of the global market.

Our production facilities

The ATEF Group consists of four facilities: ATEF Transformer Plant, ATEF Electromash Plant, Metal Construction Plant and Large Power Transformer Plant

More about our facilities

ATEF Transformer

Production area: 38,000 m2 / Total personnel: 350 technical and administrative staff

Launched in 2005, this facility was constructed and financed through the company’s own resources and specializes in the development of distribution transformers (oil and dry type) of any voltage and capacity. The special transformers we develop here are used by customers worldwide in areas such as nuclear stations, railways and undergrounds.

ATEF Electromash

Production area: 35,000 m2 / Total personnel: 350 technical and administrative staff

Launched in 2003, this facility specialises in the manufacture of products that are used by railroads, transportation providers, city power networks and substations of every kind. Some of the additional production that occurs here includes: metal casting of any kind for catenary line elements and polymer insulators, as well as creation of the extruding over copper wire for transformers. This location also houses an ATEF testing laboratory that ensures all transformers adhere to industry standards for quality and reliability.

Steel Construction

Production area: 19,000 m2/ Total personnel: 320 engineering and technical staff

We proudly launched this facility in 2011, creating a majority of the factory’s manufacturing parts at ATEF’s nearby transformer plant. This location houses a large portion of the company’s research and development staff and specializes in precision manufacturing, painting, hot galvanization and the production of welded beams and high-quality power transmission lines. The tanks of power transformers are also produced at this site.

Large Power
Transformer Plant

Production area: 14,000 m2 / Total personnel: 185 engineering and technical staff

Launched in 2015, this facility is designed for the mass production of high-quality transformers with power up to 1000 MVA and a voltage class up to 520kV. The newest of ATEF’s four plants, this location has been fully outfitted with the latest manufacturing technology and is equipped with DEMAG cranes that can handle components weighing up to 500 tonnes, as well as SACMA slitting line, GEORG cut-to-length line, and Hedrich vacuum chambers.